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We can hook in to your vehicles computer and let it tell you what needs your vehicle is experiencing.

We will provide you with an estimate of cost for any repairs or replacements.



Our experienced, trained professionals will thoroughly examine your car and provide you with a complete estimate and description of all car repair work to be done. Our mechanics are more than happy to go over every problem with your car and answer any questions you may have. The mechanics pride themselves on their professionalism and attention to detail. Bring your car to Cochran Motorsports if you want it done right the first time.



There are dozens of electrical components needed to route power in your vehicle’s electrical system and these can vary greatly according to vehicle make, model and age. Your electrical system includes your vehicle’s battery, alternator and starter. Many new vehicles also feature sophisticated computer systems that affect functions like steering, brakes, sensors, and more. All of these electrical components make it difficult to diagnose the cause of vehicle electrical problems, but most begin and end with your battery.


To troubleshoot your vehicle’s electrical system, the experts at Cochran Motorsports use specialized diagnostic equipment to access your vehicle’s data and pinpoint the cause of any electrical problems. Our electrical system service includes:A thorough visual inspection of battery and case conditionCheck to ensure your battery can still deliver adequate power, and replace it if necessaryElectrical cable connections are examined and adjusted, if necessary Engine diagnostics may be necessary to troubleshoot sophisticated systems or complex electrical problems.



Each engine has diverse needs, and these can be determined by many factors including driving conditions, past use, and how well it has been maintained. At Cochran Motorsports we use our engine repair experience to provide the services you need to get your engine performing at its very best.



Symptoms one might experience if their automobile needs a transmission: Loss of powerWhining, clunking or humming noises, Burning smell, The check engine light is on.


Common services one might need if their vehicle is in need of this service:

* Computer diagnostic-A problem in the control system could cause the transmission symptom,

* Transmission replacement or rebuild

* Electrical component replacement - A sensor or solenoid may be the cause and not a Mechanical problem

* The transmission fluid may need changed



Brakes wear out over time requiring service. How long your brakes last is based on various things such as driving conditions, how you brake and other factors. For this reason, it is necessary to service your brakes regularly. We are familiar with the driving conditions here in on the First Coast and know that your brakes need care. So we provide a complimentary inspection with every service to make sure that any problem is taken up before it becomes a major concern.

24 Hour Emergency Towing

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